Damages that void the Crypto Miners WARRANTY

Any damages caused by the following reasons do not fall under the Warranty, hence making it void:

  1. Improper installation, use, or maintenance of the product.
  2. Dropping, accident, theft, abuse, negligence, or improper operation.
  3. External interference, including moisture, fire, flood, lightning, transportation, and extreme environment.
  4. Over/under voltage or leakage.
  5. Improper surrounding temperature exposure.
  6. Repair, or maintenance of the components or the complete product by any other person other than us.
  7. Unauthorized firmware or hardware changes.
  8. Daily wear & tear.

Warranty is also void when the hash board is damaged to the extent that it cannot get repaired.

Mentioned below are some of the damages that cause severe damage to the hash board, making it unrepairable. Any damage mentioned below voids the warranty.

  • Corrosion/oxidation: Any damage caused by partial or complete corrosion or oxidation does not fall under warranty.
  • PCB pad falls off: The chip bonding pad falls off and becomes unrepairable.
  • Burnt board: A partial or complete burnout of the board.
  • Burnt PCB circuit: A bad burnout of the circuit and cannot be repaired even by the jump wire.
  • Burnt bonding pad: A partial or complete burnout of the bonding pad.
  • Fractured PCB: A deformation or any fracture of the PCB.
  • Heat sink: The excessive or unwanted heat damages a large number of chips.
  • Power supply PCB burnout: An open or a short circuit burns and completely damages the PCB.
  • Burnt power supply board: A bad burnout of the local circuit and the components.
  • Burnt power board circuit: A burnout of the PCB routing and cannot be repaired even by the jump wire.
  • Corroded power supply PCB board: Corrosion breaks the PCB circuit and cannot be repaired even by the jump wire.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance if you are unable to assess and identify the condition of your hash board.

NOTE: Any damage other than the above can be fixed or repaired under the Warranty Policy.