Koi Miner C16 92 TH


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Manufacturer: Koi Miner
Model: C16
Hashrate: 92
Rating: TH
Algorithm: Sha256
Profitability: $4,005.76
Voltage: 12
Watts: 3400
Noise Level(dB): 85
Fans: 2

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The KOI Miner C16 is based on a novel design that employs FinFET N+1 technology. The total computing power of the machine exceeds 100TH/s, reaching 113TH/s, with a unit computing force energy consumption rate of 30J/T. For short-distance ventilation and efficient heat dissipation, the KOI Miner C16 has a double air channel cooling architecture. Its calculating force plate is designed to be temperature-controllable accurately and for a long time, assuring the machine’s smooth operation.


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