Will I have to configure my operating system?

No, your operating system will come fully configured to start mining immediately.

How long will it take for the items to arrive?

All orders are shipped within 2-4 weeks after purchase date to any part of the world.

How can I check my order and shipping status?

You will receive a tracking number once your order ships from the US location.

How frequently are the prices changed?

Our prices are updated daily and as per global market conditions, our prices are set competitively.

Which locations do you deliver to?

We ship orders worldwide.

What can I do if I don’t receive my order?

If you don’t receive your order at the estimated time, it could mean either your order is delayed or is lost. You may contact our support team to know the exact location of your order.

Can I sell you my used miner?

Yes, you can either sell or trade in for an upgraded miner.

What sort of profits can I make by mining?

Like any investment the profits can change. It is important to understand that Mining is a long term investment and returns on one day can be drastically different to returns on another day.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Cards, E-Checks, Wire Transfers and Crypto Payments.

What types of miners do you sell?

We at Big Sky have a full range of New and Used ASIC machines. In our Store page, you will be able to shop items based on brand, algorithms, hashrates and much more.

How can we earn by mining?

Mining involves making complex calculations to solve mathematical puzzles, in order to earn a block reward.

What should I do if the tracking number I receive is not working?

We ensure our delivery alerts help you stay on top of orders. If the tracking number does not work, we recommend you try the tracking with the order number. Alternatively, you may contact our customer service team for assistance.

Can I also place a pre-order?

Yes, you can also pre-order miners through us.