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Big Sky ASICs

Bring Up Your Cryptocurrency Mining Game To The Next Level!

Big Sky Asics is a vertically growing cryptocurrency miners seller, headquartered in Big Sky Montana, USA, while having repair workshop in Texas, USA and distribution centers in Dubai, UAE, and Shenzhen, China.

Our mission is to provide efficient, smooth and accessible mining solutions to the masses with 100% transparency and honesty.

Big Sky Asics prides itself on our transparency and honesty in everything we do. We are authority in the field of digital currencies with extensive knowledge and experience in hardwares, algorithms, hashrates, efficiency and profitability.

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Why Choose Us

Because we’re the best

At Big Sky Asics, we don’t sell you just the cryptocurrency miners, we sell you PEACE. We realize that the cryptocurrency mining industry is in its early stage and there aren’t many technicians available to repair if your miner breaks down. We are here to be your go-to team for all your mining needs.

Lifetime Tech Support

You won’t be forgotten! When you buy a cryptocurrency mining machine from us, you get Free lifetime technical support from us.


Up to 5 Years Warranty

We care for the investment you make! Therefore, every cryptocurrency miner you buy from us, comes with up to 5 years warranty


Free PSU and Cables

Yes, you read it right! Big Sky Asics offers Free PSU and Cables when a cryptocurrency miner is purchased from us.


Several Payment Options

Your convenience matters! Thus we have payment options like Crypto payment, E-Check, Bank Wire and Debit/Credit Cards etc.


Miners Expert

Big Sky Asics is led by young dedicated technologists, committed to provide their customers with the best cryptocurrency mining equipment. We aim at providing professional and reliable mining solutions to global users, with a key focus on North America and Middle East.

We are keen to provide outstanding performance & competitive cryptocurrency miners to the clients across the globe, from Bitmain, Blackminer, Canaan, KoiMiner, Goldshell, iBeLink, E2, Innosilicon, Ipollo, Jasminer, LoveCare, MicroBT, PandaMiner, Panther, StrongU and YamiTech.

who we are

meet our team

Though Big Sky Asics is not a very old entity, it has staffed itself with very unique resources, from technopreneurs having multi-decades experience to fresh nerds, spread across the globe. Read below about the assets of our company we are proud of.

Aaron C. Raycove

Co-Founder & CEO


Robert E. Lane

Co-Founder & CFO


Jawad J. Khan

Chief Procurement Officer